November 27, 2010

So much to be thankful for

Great food
Turkey Trot
Christmas tree
Love and fun

Those are words that sum up our last 2 days.... (now onto the billions of pictures).

 The cousins from Arizona arrived late Wednesday night and we welcomed them with a foot of snow. Getting 6 kids dressed in snow clothes every hour proves to be a task, but the smiles made it well worth it. They want to be outside all the time.
 The men of the house who like to sleep in and play on their iphones, plus have the children walk on the ceiling. They provided the jokes and fun (and the snow shoveling).
 The striped couple who we are so excited to have visit us. Watch your hand Chet!
 The kids all love each other and keep each other entertained and us entertained as well.  We highly enjoyed their Little Red Riding Hood play.  Next stop, Broadway!
Sweet little Camille loves to be with the kids and wish us all a "hello".
 While going around town, we ran into Santa.  This was a must-do on our list with all the cousins together.
 Group shot with Santa.  Somehow, being with Santa makes all the kids smile. We can't wait for Christmas!!!
 Then, it was off to the snow....what the kids were itching to do the entire time.
 We were all bundled up and ready to find our Christmas tree (Camille was asleep all cozy in the car).
 Being the only girl in our family, Elise is absolutely loving having a house full of girls. She hasn't been by my side the entire weekend.  
 Daniella and Chet and some of the kids.  
 Yes!! We found our perfect tree. It looks a little big in this picture.
 The boys chopped it down and are ready to haul it to the car. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...
After all that fun, we HAD to go to the candy store at the Sun Valley resort.  

It was a perfect day and now that the snow is still falling, we are ready for more.

We are trying to convince the Lamis family to move here forever and ever!