November 7, 2010

Our welcome home gift

At our old home, we would literally have elk come and visit us in our backyard. That was going to be the #1 thing that I was going to miss.  

Yesterday, as we walked two blocks to the park in our new neighborhood, this is what greeted us...

Best vision ever!!!  A herd of elk right there in front of us. They were not as excited to see us as we were to see them, so they took off running before we could get a close up shot.  Please come back Elk, we love you so!

As we continued to explore our neighborhood and the park, we stumbled upon Cat tails.  Growing up in AZ, I never knew how truly cool these things are.  We could have played with their fuzziness for hours!  

Yes, it has been determined that we love our new neighborhood. Wonder what we will discover this afternoon?


eloiza said...

Fun!! Can't wait to see you as well as the elk. William's shirt looks so familiar, I have one just like it!