October 11, 2010

The sheep thing

Every single year, mass amounts of people line the streets in our town to watch the sheep come down Main Street.  The whole weekend has a big festival around it and this is the grand event.  We couldn't miss it this year, so we joined the crowds and waited for two hours.  

 Oh boy, here they come!  Everyone get your cameras out!!
 After watching the comical sheep, we had to continue our day in the great outdoors, so we walked around town and got some ice cream (our favorite past time).
 Mr. Will loves his to eat his ice cream nice and slow and doesn't like to share one bite. Can't really blame him.
On the otherhand, Elise is willing to give you every single bite you ask for.

Patrick is in Chicago for the week and keeps sending us cool images from his trip.  The kids are enjoying seeing pictures of the BIG city, including this one of Sue the T-Rex.  This is probably how I will feel around bedtime.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  


Anna M said...

let's remember these fall days wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts eating ice cream outside!

Let's see some Halloween decor!!