October 18, 2010

One giant step for mommy

This past weekend, I left my wonderful family.  For the first time ever.  Ever.  It was hard to say good-bye and I had a lump in my throat for the first hour, but I knew that the kids would be just fine (as long as they didn't cry, which would then make me cry).

I was gone for 24 hours in Boise and actually had a superb time.  I was in Boise for the Mrs. Idaho pageant workshop. I am currently Mrs. Sun Valley and will be competing in February for the coveted Mrs. Idaho title.  I spent the day with some of the most inspiring women, moms, wives and community members learning all the basics of the upcoming pageant.  Plus, all the beautiful ladies are loads of fun and I couldn't stop smiling the entire time.

Pictured:  Me, Mrs. Idaho--Heidi, and Beverly--a friend of mine who I competed with four years ago. 

Besides perfecting my walk in high heels (not an easy task for me!), during these next four months, I will be focusing on my community service and collecting sponsors.

I really can't wait for February!!

My kids and my hubby all did great without me, but it was great to spend the entire day with them on Sunday and play mom again.


Heath {aka} Mom, Mama, Pea, or Heathdogg {that one just stuck} said...

You are so beautiful inside and out! Can I come and cheer you on in February? I will leave my kiddos at home! :) I have a friend who does our cards every year for christmas and she is VERY reasonable www.gephotography.com

eloiza said...

Hooray! You need to do this again, I think it is healthy to go away sometimes. The children were very good on Friday.

Daniella said...

You look stunning!!! Can't wait to cheer you on come February.

eloiza said...

I agree with Daniella and of course I'll be there in February!