October 17, 2010

A note to me

Almost every year, we get family photos taken in the summer.  We are tan and they can be outdoor photos--just perfect for our Christmas cards.  

Yet, we were just recently asked to do some photos for a new neighborhood in town. I love all the bright and warm fall colors in the photos.

So, for next year, this is my reminder that I want fall family photos or even if I'm daring, we will do them in the winter.  All white with just our winter coats and cozy hats providing color.  

Speaking of Christmas cards, I am feeling the need to order ours or at least know which company to use. Any suggestions?


jresko said...

Love these pictures! I don't know who took them but the colors are vibrant!
I am also trying to figure out the Christmas card thing. I'm thinking something funky/homemade from Michael's.
We did Tiny Prints last year...ouch, too pricey!