October 10, 2010

Happy Fall!

This is a big weekend around town and we are taking full advantage of all of the free community events.  The kids and I spent Saturday at the Fall Harvest Festival and the Sheep Festival (more on the sheep later).

 Elise doing the fall craft with her good friend from school.
 My two year old trying to eat the paint. Notice the blue paint already around this mouth.  OH, the joys of two!
 The boys weren't too thrilled with having their picture taken, but that was the only way that they could take a pumpkin home.  I was into bribery that day.
 This picture is for you Patrick!
Our rootin' tootin' cowboy loves his cowboy boots, just like Braden did 3 years ago.  

Braden bobbing for apples. This was one of his favorite activities and he did it multiple times. 

Our house, inside and out, is decorated for Halloween, now we just need to figure out our costumes---the fun part!


Heath {aka} Mom, Mama, Pea, or Heathdogg {that one just stuck} said...

Love that it still looks warm there and the kiddos are getting so big! Well Arianna and Craig (me and Gav) the Spartan cheerleaders will say a "cheer" for you guys to find fun costumes! :)