October 7, 2010

Go Big Blue

This morning, I received a phone call from the orthopedic telling me that they actually needed to see Braden right away.  So, I turned the car around and picked him back up from school.  

He did break his arm (in his elbow to be exact), so he had to get a cast.  A blue, water-proof cast.

I could tell that Braden was a little excited about his new cast since he opted out of staying home with me and watching cartoons all day. Instead, he wanted to go to school to be with his friends.

Yet, when I picked him up from school two hours laster, he was so over his cast and everyone making a fuss over it.

His frustrations grew as the day wore on. My once active and mobile child now had a hard time opening the door, playing legos and carrying his pirate ship around.  Tears welled up in his eyes and we decided to spend the most of our afternoon on the couch reading books.  

The weekend is almost here and we are so ready for it!