September 23, 2010

Baby, ducks or chickens?

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to watching the season finale of Glee. Loved it!  During the part when the cute blondie has given birth, I had a strong, very strong urge to have another baby. I wanted to experience pregnancy again and to even experience natural childbirth again.  I wanted to feel the love and sweetness of a precious newborn against my bare skin.    

Patrick didn't buy into my pleading.

Instead, he told me that I could have my second desire:  chickens or ducks.

The possibilities and thoughts have been going through my head over and over again since that night. 

Now, the question is, do we want ducks or chickens?  

If anyone was any opinions, suggestions or comments about any of this, I would love to hear about it. We have to wait until we move (which is coming up quickly!) and probably until the snow melts before we can hear the sound of little "cheeps" coming from our backyard, but until then I will have lots of planning to do to prepare for our little ones.

Thank you Sunset magazine for planting the seed in my head and thank you town of Hailey for allowing me to have ducks or chickens in my backyard.

Wouldn't this cool chicken coop look so hip in our small backyard next to the tomatoes?

Who wants fresh eggs?


Anna M said...

I'd say chickens, unless ducks make eggs you'd want to eat. Then I say ducks. But then babies are awfully cute, too.

tough call.

cool chicken coop.

eloiza said...

Thanks Pat for the idea! I would go for ducks!

Becky K. said...

You should visit Jenna Resko's house, to meet her chickens. They Love them. Definitely easier and cheaper than another baby ;)