April 29, 2013

Celebration of Life

This weekend, we drove to Walla Walla, Washington to honor and celebrate Grandma Janet's life (Patrick's  late grandma).

It was a glorious weekend full of family and gathering.  Just the way she would have wanted it.  Unfortunately, there was so much going on that I left my camera in the car for most of the weekend.  Boo!

Yet, here are a few shots...

For some reason, photos from my iphone turn out black.  Patrick's iphone photos are fine though.  Anyone else have this issue???

April 27, 2013

Sunshine and Butterflies

The entire school encouraged everyone to ride their bike to school (or take the bus).  Since you are a rare gem if you live within walking distance of the school, this was a big goal.

I thought of many excuses to why my family couldn't participate, but the night before, I decided that life is too short!  We were riding our bikes, the last 3 miles out of 12, to school.  

So at 7:30am and 25 degrees, the Little Buchs, plus two of our little friends, all rode our bikes. 

Best way to start our day.


I was impressed with how many of my preschoolers also did it. We have some awesome folks in town.

April 25, 2013

What her future holds

Patrick is a great salesman, I am not.  

Yet, I still am shocked when I realize that my children are good salesmen. First Braden.  Now Elise revealed her skills during the 1st grade bake sale.

Work it!

Her class has been volunteering for our local animal shelter all year and the bake sale raised over $200 for them.  

April 23, 2013

Split up

The girl wanted to go to the Bug Zoo at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden.

The boys wanted to go skateboarding.

Their mama wishes she could be at two places at once.

Elise at the cool Bug Zoo (with me)

Mr. Will at the skateboard park (with Braden and Patrick).

Thank goodness for iphone pictures and videos that let me pretend that I was everywhere.

April 22, 2013

Kiss the girl

Since Sun Valley was just ranked one of the best small town art towns in America, we just had to join the local scene.

This weekend, our school (the middle school) put on a production of the Little Mermaid.  I was blown away by the students!  Wow!!  

Thank you for inspiring Elise to want to do musicals in the future.
(Elise posing with Ariel after the show)
**Happy Birthday mom!**

April 21, 2013


It's not a secret that I love soccer season. Sitting in the grass watching my oldest son run up and down the field is a perfect Saturday morning.
Every year, we make it a family affair. 

With my iphone, it's hard to catch this speedy dude in action, so thankfully, I got him walking in for a water break. 
 Not too shabby of a place to watch soccer.
 I obviously got a lot more sideline photos than soccer photos.  We entertain ourselves nicely.
 One of Braden's buddies has a broken collar bone, so Mr. Will was able to be his best friend the entire game.  

April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Braden

Happy Birthday to my 9 year old son. 


This is the boy who is active sun up to sun down, loves to cuddle with me and tell me how much he loves me, yet makes me work HARD as a mother.  

This weekend is all about him.

April 17, 2013

Twisted humor

Last week, Braden and Elise performed in their school's version of Lemony Snicket's "The Composer is Dead".  The entire elementary school put on the production, followed by musical pieces that each grade composed.  

April 16, 2013

Home is here

(Elise at a birthday party)

Friends and family.  Friends are family. 
How grateful I am that our children have our friends in their lives.

Friends who love our children.
Friends who really know our children.
Friends who appreciate and care about our children.
Friends who help guide and nurture our children.

Friends who are like family to our children.
(Mr. Will with some of his buddies at school)

April 14, 2013

Sunday Play in the Woods

Now that ski season if officially over (you will be missed), let our hiking/biking season begin. 

Even though our spring weather has departed us for a brief bit, we still needed to get out for some fresh air and hike Colorado Gulch.

As these pictures will tell, we play the entire time we hike.
 Obviously, we had to bring our two hiking pals.  This picture makes little Jack look so much bigger than his 5 pound body. 
 We also brought along a family friend who has been in my preschool since she was 2.  She is like another sister to Mr. Will. 

 Like mother, like daughter. Or is it vice versa?
 Things are slowly starting to turn green and I can't wait for the flowers to come out!

Mr. Will:  This is my truck driver
Braden:  William is awesome.

 Ready, set, JUMP!

April 8, 2013

Swimmy Sunday

When we first moved to snow country,  I was nervous that my three little babes would never be swimmers. Not competitive swimmers, but "I love to swim" swimmers.  

At first, we had to make a lot of effort to get the kids swimming every summer, now we are older (and wiser) and enjoy swimming/playing all year long...even when it is snowing outside. 

Of course, our swimming entails lots of tricks.  

April 6, 2013

Aiken Stories

Aiken has been in Heaven for 3 1/2 months now. I have stopped crying (as a non-cryer, the crying has traumatized my children), but not a day goes by that I don't think of Aiken. I often smile when I think of him and remember the good times.  He was an ornery dog, but a sweet dog.

Yet, on my way to school a couple of days ago, I was by myself (the kids wanted to sleep in a little bit longer) and glanced at the bike path that I was paralleling. I could sense Aiken next to me on the bike path and while a smile came to my face, so did the tears.  I miss him. A lot.

So does Calle (our other lab).

Every day that we go on a walk, she runs off to the same location and "visits" Aiken at the place that we buried his ashes.  Kind of interesting.  

Luckily for all of us--especially Calle and I, his ashes are buried in the seasonal stream that runs behind our soon-to-be-home.  

 Nothing like getting emotionally attached to a lot!

April 4, 2013


Elise was quite excited to learn that EB was the initials for the Easter Bunny, Elise Buchanan and Eloiza Baughan (my mom).

The Easter Bunny was very kind to the Buchanans this year.  We had three big egg hunts on Easter Sunday.

One with our little family first thing in the morning (I was too tired to take pictures).

One at church.

I spy little mouths filled with lots of candy.  No wonder they stood so still during the family photo!

Then, one big Easter feast and hunt with our friends.

All the kids lined up on the back yard ice rink.
And GO!
Once again (for the third year in a row), one of my flesh and blood found the golden egg.  Hope we still get invited to these parties!

Hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter!

April 3, 2013

Whoa, Easter

 Whoa, Easter.  You snuck up on me way to fast!  

Since the weather was ideal, we decorated our Easter Eggs outside this year. 

 I'm going to miss chubby little hands!
Happy (late) Easter from the little Buchs (and Calle and Jack).

April 2, 2013

Believe in what you do

While I was finishing up laundry, I find my little Elise outside making her very own balance beam from spare wood that we have at our house. 

 She was so proud of what she made, but even more proud that she had her very own balance beam.  
To help her complete it, with padding and fabric, Patrick and I pitched in.
Now, she only needs bars. Her little wheels are turning....